A video production company dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment clients!

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About Us

ApertureAlley is a media company founded in 2015 by Erik Davidson. The company offers a wide range of videography and photography services for all sorts of events; ranging from Weddings and parties to corporate and professional events for businesses of all sizes. Founder, Erik Davidson has spent years to perfecting the companies craft to ensure creative and high quality content at affordable prices. The company believes that everyone should have access to high quality coverage and we want to be there for you! We focus on capturing beautiful memories, impactful stores, and meaningful content no matter what the purpose.

Our Services

Video Production

Whether your project is a simple 1-camera shoot or a complex video production, we ensure an enjoyable experience and a great finished product that everyone will be proud of. We handle every aspect of a project’s production from development to physical production to post-production. We have all the latest cameras and high-end video production equipment, and some of the most talented people ready to help you!

Virtual Events

Over the last five years, ApertureAlley has produced an abundance of virtual events and live streams. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your graphics and images are displayed properly and that we meet all of your live event needs from one camera or many!

Video Editing

Video editing is not about our cutting edge software and hardware, but its about our skills and storytelling ability to bring any of your footage to life! From building your stories into a timeline to assisting with motion tracked assets and color correct, we offer the most flexible editing services around!


We create images that sell and impacts your audience's emotions. Our photography services cater to a wide-variety of industry needs. Whether you are looking for an images for your next billboard campaign, linked profile picture, menu item, innovative product , or event promotional assets then we got you covered.


Whether you need a social media promo or a TV commercial, our talented team will work you through the process of storyboarding your vision, filming, and editing the commercial that shows off your product or service and the best light!


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